Grab some coffee, a redbull, some caffeine of some sort this might become long winded.

To make a long story slightly shorter, I am 25 years old, and a degree holding person with the wrong degree. I went to school to play sports, the degree was an after thought. After hurting my neck, quitting sports and finally realizing I had to pick a major at SOME point in my college career, Criminal Justice was the winner. Not because I was interested in it, not because I had any desire to be a cop, but simply because that's what I had the most credits towards.
5 grueling years later I have a B.A. in Criminal Justice.Still no desire to be a cop, but it lands me a pretty decent job in the financial world. I began working for 5th 3rd bank in their Corporate Safety and Security Department. A year later I'm out on my butt due to the horrible economy, and them downsizing the entire department.

Here's comes my S.O's mother to the rescue. She has been the manager of PACU, PSS, and Surgicare at the local hospital for 20+ years. I told her to find me a job, any job.. Pushing beds, cleaning instruments, wiping ass, or of course doing surgery .... She puts me in touch with the right people and I weasel my way into 2 interviews. Keep in mind this is my first real experience with a hospital, never before was I interested in working at a hospital, never before did healthcare interest me. However, getting paid every month DID interest me so I'd take it. I landed a job as the Unit Coordinator for Surgery. Quickly found out that I love the hospital atmosphere, absolutely love the work here, love the co-workers.....and honestly couldn't imagine working anywhere outside these walls again. However, I am not an officeb#t@h for lack of better words. I decided that I needed to specialize in something within the hospital for both financial reasons as well as mind stimulation reasons. I like to be challenged, I like to feel accomplished.

I have narrowed the journey down to two options. #1. CRNA and #2 Flight Nurse on air care. Both jobs I would be absolutely thrilled with (I have past firefighting experience as well so I love crash scenes).... Anyway being that I have a Bachelors in Arts degree, I have a lot of work ahead of me. I have pre-reqs, BSN, ICU, etc. etc etc. before I reach either of my goals.

Here are my main questions. I have the option of doing the 2 year associates program to obtain my RN license and begin working then following that up at some point with the RN->BSN program at University of Cincinnati. Or I could do one of the accelerated programs and get the BSN in 16 months. While is would be nice to have the BSN in 16 months, I do not believe that I can stop working for 16 months at this point because I have bills to pay. Would it be worth selling everything I have (car, etc...) to get rid of payments and stop working for 16 months, or should I do it in progressive steps like adn RN, then finish BSN, then work ICU... Will it matter how I got to the BSN stage when it comes time to apply for CRNA school?

My plan is to then do a stint in the ICU/CCU 1-2-3 years.. However long it takes to get a solid grasp on the work and concepts. If I can't get directly hired into the ICU I was thinking I would go to the PACU so that I can deal with the after effects of Anesthesia and hopefully gain more understanding about it. Are there any other departments around the hospital that I should consider to build up knowledge that will help me in my journey to become a CRNA?

I talked with the S.O last night about this dream of mine and told her that I was approaching it differently than usual. I usually want things to happen like NOW! but I told her I wanted to do the RN and start in ICU, and then apply and hopefully go to CRNA school when we are in a position in our lives that we can handle it.. My long hours, her support, and any other issue cleared up.. She was hesitent but understanding. She owns a dance studio, as well as working in the hospital part time, so she does/will make the income to support us during the rough times, but I am trying to make sure she is on board with the idea as well and in full agreeance.

Does my plan sound legit? Is my head in the right place?

Sorry for the long winded novel. I have been thiking about this life changing decision non-stop for the past week, I can't seem to shake it. So I know the desire must be real. I am sitting down with one of the CRNA's tomorrow while at work to talk more about my thoughts. I'm giddy like a little school boy.