Not sure where to place this so just posting it here........

I am so angry today, I am seeing red. Allow me to vent a little…….. So I have been calling my son’s pediatrician for the past 3 weeks asking about getting him the flu shot. He is an asthmatic and I am trying to do the right thing as a parent and get him the flu shot as recommended. So far, they have been out and getting a new batch in “any day now”. Now mind you, this has been going on for the past 3 weeks, anyway, he is scheduled for a well visit today so I called before the appt to see if the flu shot is in (I was thinking I would just take both boys in if the shot was available and get them both vaccinated so that I can check that off on my to do list). Well, the person who answered the phone asked what kind of insurance I had. I told her United Healthcare (mind you, we pay dearly for our family health insurance so that we don’t have to bother with referral BS and all the other stuff that comes with an HMO). After I told her United, she told me “sorry but we do not have any flu shots in yet”. Curiosity got the better of me and I asked her why she needed to know my health insurance. I asked what did that have to do with whether they had the flu shots or not. GET THIS…………………. She told me that they have flu shots there but only kids who are on Medicare can get them. (I am choking on my disbelief at this point). I said excuse me????????????????? Why??????????????? She said that the government sent them a supply of flu shots and those can only be administered to Medicare patients. Private pay or private insurance patients cannot be administered shots from that batch. They are still waiting for the flu shots for those patients to come in. Unfreaking believable. Two things come to mind…1) I am getting f__ked for being a member of society who has a job (well my hubby does anyway ha ha) and who take cares of her family by paying my own way or 2) They must be giving Medicare patients a separate type of flu shot.
Either way, I smell a freaking rat and I am very upset. If I am to lean towards the non-cynical side and believe that all the shots are the same, then my son is missing out on getting his flu shots because his mommy and daddy are not on Medicare.WTF is wrong with this picture????? Seems to me that when you do the right thing, you just have to be prepared to bend over and take it whenever and wherever.
I called around to local pharmacies and even with a prescription from the pediatrician, he cannot get the shot unless he is over 13. I am sure law suits are to be blamed for this. (Well not all the pharmacies anyway, I am going to check out CVS’s policy, but so far all the ones I have called do not give shots to kids). My next stop is the Health Dept. I just don’t have the time for this bullshit running around. AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGH HHHHHH. Ok, I am done! Just thought I would vent and share. I am thinking if the regular flu shot is such a pain to get, I am definitely not giving the H1N1 shot to my kids. When I told my pediatrician that, she didn’t even try to persuade me and trust me she pushes on everything else, she says even she was hesitant about giving it to her kids. Hmmmmmmmmm interesting. (I think she told me that because of the rapport we have, but I am sure she says the right thing to most parents).
Thanks! I am done. That's government for you. As I said before, they all suck!