Ok, so I am an RN with 17yrs experience, with a wide & varied background. Im considering CRNA as a career in the future after being encouraged to do so by a couple of CRNAs & the head of Anesthesia at a hospital where I was doing my intubations for the flight team.
I have read a bewildering amount of information! Im a couple of years away from even applying as I am 1st to complete my BSN, with CRNA being the 1st thing to motivate me to even do that. So before I start down that path, its with the long term view of becoming a CRNA. So I want to be sure thats what I really want to do!
Im married with 3 kids, the eldest being 3. So I know there will be a major sacrifice there, for me & them. 1st question - how the heck can you afford to do this with a mortgage, & 3 kids? Can you really get loans to cover all that, & when you finish will I be in debt for years after? 2nd question, much more broad. What is really great about being a CRNA? What is the worst thing about being a CRNA? Anyone, have any regrets?
I've studied a few other career plans, & the thing that is striking about CRNAs, is that there dont seem to be many people disatisfied with it. Is it really that good? Curious, & hopeful.