I'm 22 years old and i have been in college for 3 years. I have earned about 60 liberal arts type credits. My focus was to become an accountant(CPA). However, i began to realize more and more that i had no passion to study business, or have a career in business. I chose accounting because being a CPA seemed like a career path with a specific skill that would make me a valuable candidate. I also know a few people who were very succesful in the field.

Deep down inside i have a true passion to study AND practice medicine. .I contemplated becoming a pharmacist, however i dont see myself in that position. I also thought about going all out and becoming a doctor. But i'm kinda turned off by the fact that i would be at least 11 years out from practicing with no stepping stones on the way.

This led to me research nursing more and more. I know a few nurses in real life who have told me a bit about the proffesion. One of them has a BSN and is planning on going to CRNA school.

I researched the career (CRNA) and i love everything about it so far. I love that the position has a sense of command, decision making, expertise, and prestige. I love the fact that its a challenge to become a CRNA, this makes the reward even sweeter...

Now i am excited to go into nursing. I am i going to take pre-reqs in spring and summer and hopefully start nursing school in fall.

I wish i would have made this decision when i was 18 or 19(i had contemplated nursing then as well).

Now i'm 22 and i feel left behind. But i guess in the grand scheme of things 4 years late isnt a deal breaker....Hopefully i will be an RN within 3 years and a CRNA by the time i'm in my early 30's

When i used to tell people i was pursuing a CPA they would just say OK and not comment. Now i tell people i'm going into nursing with an ultimate goal of being an anesthesia nurse and they get excited for me, everyone tells me that the medical field matches my personality