I have a couple of questions! I'm 22 years old and I just finished a LVN program at a local JC with with a combined GPA of 2.85 from courses at a local university and at the JC. I already have a combined 109 semester units completed. I have 2 more semesters (19.5 semester units) to become an ADN RN which I start in February. My goal is to then start a BSN program that my school has an articulation with. If I rock my BSN courses (53 units) I can end up with almost a 3.2 overall. Would low LVN grades be a factor if I did well in the RN program? My GPA is low because I didn't try very hard during my first couple semesters of nursing school because I was too busy partying (something I REALLY regret). I have A's in 2 anatomy courses, a B in chemistry, a B+ in micro, and still have to take college algebra and perhaps organic chem (if required by CRNA schools). After meeting a couple of CRNAs and speaking with them I realized that anesthesia is what I REALLY want to do and I REALLY see myself enjoying it. Most of my LVN courses were C's, but as soon as I met the 2 CRNAs I earned all A's and B's. With a GPA like that...is acceptance even possible if I apply to a fairly decent amount of schools?

While finishing my BSN I will most likely have a contract with a level 2 trauma center that will require me to work for them for 2 years (Hopefully in the ICU). Does where you work also make a difference in making an application more competitive? There is also a level 1 trauma center around here, but the contract with the level 2 hospital will pay me while I'm doing my LVN to RN and is a pretty sweet deal.

ONE more question..sorry haha, but im really eager! Do schools look at the amount of time you've finished your education in? The BSN program that my school has an articulation with (cal-state fullerton) will allow you to complete your BSN 1 night a week in 3 years, or full time in 2 years. full time = $2500/semester while the 3 year track is only $500/semester. SORRY for the long post..any feedback as to how I can become a more competitive applicant is certainly appreciated!