Couldn't find a "Newbie's say hello" thread....

I'm currently an RN, BSN working contract for the Army in the Warrior Transition Unit providing case management to purple heart recipients. I've been considering the CRNA option for a while now, along with joining the military.

I have 2 years med/surg and 2 years surgical/medical ICU experience (30 bed unit) behind me as well. I'm currently putting my packet together for the Air Force, looking at a 3 year committment starting as 1st Lieutenant. Two of those three years will be required ICU service (trauma experience??), and will give me time to get a few tasks knocked out, such as CCRN certification, a biochem class, and GRE preparation (and review my transcripts to see if any classes need to be re-taken to boost GPA).

I've read through some of this site already, and am very glad I was referred here. Looks like good stuff. I have no questions for now, but I'm sure I'll be referring here often as I start down this path.

Hopefully by this spring, I'll be in Commissioned Officer Training