Hello everyone! Been a while since i have posted on here. I will be applying to my 2 top choice schools in Nov. Just finished taking a chem class (one school required it to be taken within last five yrs). Taking the GRE at the end of ths month, but feeling really pressed for time trying to get apps together and study. Given my less than stellar GPA, i really need an excellent GRE score. Its crunch time now, and i am feeling like my GRE score is not going to reflect my absolute best. I have worked so hard at everything else thus far and absolutely hate to half a## this. However, i am thinking i should just go ahead and take it and apply. Then if i dont get in i can retake it and try again next year. I am also applying to another couple of schools in the spring, which will allow me more time to study and retake GRE or any extra classes to better my chances. Does this sound like a good plan? Or should i just wait til Spring to apply and take the GRE when i feel more prepared? Won't schools be able to see both GRE scores?