Hey guys....so i really am passionate about becoming a CRNA but I feel as if I've completely screwed up my life. I graduated with a 2.48 gpa in Biology from a UC in California and now I don't know what to do with my life. My goal is to get into an accelerated BSN program but what the hell are my chances with such a low GPA. I am highly capable of doing well. I went to community college for my first 2 years and had a 4.0 gpa before going to university,,and then i dont know what happened,,its not like the classes were even that hard..i just dont know what on earth happened...low self esteem maybe?
Anyways...what should I do? I dont want to just give up...Someone said I should consider an ADN program but I feel like I would be going backwards by going to university and then adn and of course eventually becoming an RN and going to crna school..but will my undergraduate gpa hinder my chances when I apply to CRNA school even if my ADN grades are really high?? Someone help