Please, please, please!!!

Are there any CRNAs located in the Los Angeles or Inland Empire area available for shadowing??? I have had horrible luck; I volunteered in the operating room for 6 months at a hospital affiliated with the Kaiser program (I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone...volunteer and shadow a CRNA), however the clinical site does not employ CRNAs. I ended up shadowing Anesthesiologists and SRNAs. There are Anesthesiologist who are willing to provide a recommendation letter, however I need a CRNA. I also shadowed at my place of employment, and the CRNA recommended that I apply to that program for the recommendation letter...there went that recommendation...I'm applying out of state. I also spoke with the chief nurse anesthetist at LLUMC and had a date to shadow, but then I received a letter that all observations would be deferred until April 2010 due to the "swine flu". I have everything else in order to submit my applications except for the documentation of shadowing a CRNA. I don't want to miss the deadlines for applications, and would be forever grateful if anyone would be willing to help me.

Thanks in advance!!!