I'm trying to decide on which program to attend. The person who restarted the Duke program also now directs the Samford program. Duke is front loaded but you work with the simulator 1st semester and start clinicals 2nd. Samford is also front loaded- all class the 1st year (with simulator) and then clinicals after. The both have many clinical sites, some close to the school, some travel sites.

I've been leaning toward Duke because of the name (loved Duke since age 11) friends going through the program, area, and they claim to have a decent amount of regional exposure. I've heard their main site tends to give residents preference on cases. My wife/dad/mom/sis prefers Duke.

I also have a friend in the Samford program, it's closer to Atlanta (they have some clinical sites in Atlanta Metro) they also claim regional exposure but I've heard some 2nd year students say they have only done a few CVLs. I can also receive the Wells fargo Education Connection (the last direct to student available) loan here but not at Duke.

Any additional information to sway my decision will help. Not quite sure where I want to go because I believe both programs are great.

Please help :2in1: I'm split!