I just started nursing school so I have a long way before I can consider applying to CRNA school but my personality type has me constantly researching and analyzing things. Here I am thinking ahead and planning my goals one by one so please bear with me.

The more I learn about nursing anesthesia the more I think I would truly enjoy doing it as a profession. I honestly wonder if I can do it though.

I know I'm incredibly relentless in my pursuit to attain any goals I set for myself. I know I enjoy learning. I know I enjoy helping people in a hospital type setting (past experience as CNA and HHA.) I know I am good in biology and anatomy and physiology.

I think of myself as a smart individual but then I wonder if I am smart enough. I find math to be fairly challenging. Even chemsitry equations which are not that difficult take me some time to figure out. I'm great at memorizing but not so great at solving equations and such. This concerns me.

When the time comes I will apply to my school's program. I attend the University of South Carolina in Columbia.

A second part to my question is regarding the success of the graduates of this school's program. 97% complete the program, 92% pass the certification. Does this mean that if I have what it takes to get into the program I will have answered my own question whether or not I can do it? Here's quoted text from the school's program:

Through careful selection of applicants, quality instruction, and supportive environment, 97% of our admitted students succeed in completing the program and earning their masters degree. All of our Masters trained graduates have passed the certification examination of the Council on Certification of Nurse Anesthetists and have scored at or above the national average. The first-time rate for passing the Certification Exam has been 92% for the past five years.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.