So here is my issue:

I was asked to present a case that I did a few weeks back involving a patient that I took care of that had a supraclavicular block placed by the MDA and a planned MAC case (due to his poor health) to do a revision of a dialysis shunt. The patient seized about half way into the block and then we intubated him and of course treated his seizure. He was stable in a few minutes and we actually proceeded with the surgery. He woke up and was fine later.

My issue is that I am not sure what all I can say to a room full of people that know about this stuff that will not bore them to death. I am looking for ideas as to what I can add that might be interesting to them. Does anyone have any ideas as to how they would present this topic? Should I discuss the basics like...landmarks, contraindications...yada yada or what the heck should I focus on? I am just worried that this will be a very boring presentation unless I come up with something that they don't know or maybe something that they won't think of!

Any help is appreciated!!!