The thread titled - hypotension after induction has raised a number of questions and points of consideration that I believe deserve their own threads......

(For those wondering -- SOT = Spin Off Thread)

For those of you that intubate primarily with Sux, why?

do you use a defasciculating dose first?

Why? Why not?

if you DO use a defasciculating dose, do you alter the amount of Sux you give? WHY? (this is specifically a good SRNA topic)

Do you worry about Myalgia? Does a defascic dose prevent?

What, if anything, can you do to prevent Myalgia? Who is most at risk? least?

How bout IOP? ICP?

Why do you give muscle relaxant at all???? It's isn't necessary - you can technically get them and their cords relaxed with prop/narcs/gas....

These are good SRNA topics to review and research......

Let's discuss.