Hi All,

I have been looking around the site for a while. Great info! Here are my Questions:

1. I currently have a BS in Chemistry and MBA. I have 8 years of prior service army reserve. I currently work as a chemist. My job is great, but I feel like I can do more. I want a career change to nurse anesthesia. I know that I have to get the BSN first. Does anyone know if the Army reserve may be willing to pay for a second bachelors degree? I've found a lot of loan repayment options, but thats not what I'm asking at this juncture.

2. Has anyone else on here gotten a nursing degree after getting a bachelors in something else? How was the funding/financial aid process?

3. I have three prereqs that I didnt have in my chemistry degree (anatomy II, Microbiology, and Statistics). However I did take the science majors only biology which really was anatomy & phys plus indepth biology. I also went as far as Calculus 3. I cant understand why those courses cant be substituted. Should I apply and get the acceptance letter, and then present to the Army reserve to see if they will help?

4. I know that loans/scholarships are an option. Are there any particular scholarships that any of you have used. That is, those of you who already had a BS in something else.

What I'm looking for here is more information about financing a 2nd bachelors in nursing. I'm not here to argue or brag, so please don't take my post as something offensive. I just need your help.