For all those out there I just thought I would past on the details of the experience.
First of all it was a very nice and clean campus, lab, and buildings. 11 of us met in the Admissions Office at 7:45 and the PD came in and introduced the program and herself. Then had three groups doing interviews so you went in one at a time with one of the groups. I interviewed with the PD and an adjuct facuilty. The questions were:
What would you do if the surg. wanted to start a case that you did not feel was safe?
What qualitied did you feel CRNA need to have?
Which of these quailites do you have?
Have you heard of any CRNA politics that are currently out there?
Have you researched the dedication and time commitments?

Very basic and no real clinical questions (drugs, labs, vents, etc.). The PD and those there were VERY nice and it was extremely layed back.

My only problem with the program is that the clinical sites are ALL over: UT, CA, NM and AZ they said that the you'd be away from the valley 40-50% of the time. They do have housing avaliable to live in some free some for a price.

Well Mike I thought I'd update you on what you missed by not applying:P