What I would like to know is if anyone has suggestions of specific schools that I can look in to that may be a little easier on a family dynamic with a toddler and school-age kiddos.

As I research schools I'm discovering that many of them are "front-loaded", so you may go to didactics in one city, then have to move to another city (or even state) for clinicals, and then have to travel for a couple of months at a time to other areas during clinical rotations. I'd love to hear how, if any of you have had to, you have handled this situation. How can I keep my family together? Are there any specific schools you've gone to or experiences you may have had that might help us?

Browsing through the forums I've seen some discussion about this subject, and stories about how people have handled the seperation. Right now I'm at the point where I am deciding which schools to apply to, and I want to know if any schools are better than others for families. I'm not committed anywhere yet, and I'm open to going anywhere in the country.