Here's the thing. I am torn between pursuing degree in engineering or shooting for crna. I am currently in my senior year as a biology major. I have taken some prereq engineering courses like physics and other math prereqs, so, all I really would be taking are core engineering classes. The problem is, I am a senior, and to get into my respective nursing program I only need to take three more classes. Time wise, nursing is the more logical option. Basically, I am attracted to engineering because is such a useful degree. Even if one doesn't pursue a career in engineering after graduation, a degree in engineering can lead to so many other possibilities. Obtaining the degree itself will provide me with great problem solving skills that I can apply to almost any field.

I like the crna career path as well because it just seems to fit so conveniently. I can work with people. I can use my language skills, I speak several languages, so I could reach out to a diverse population, and there is also the possibility to work for myself if I choose to do so. However, anesthesia is such a narrow scope of practice. With and engineering degree, I could try my hand at several different things. I know the decision is ultimately my own, but I don't mind considering others' opinions and criticisms.