Question for you guys:
Sitting at lunch yesterday with my fellow newbie SRNAs, we began to talk a little about shadowing experiences. While I was previously thrilled with my "fly on the wall" shadowing/observation experiences of both CRNAs and SRNAs, others mentioned how they were given multiple opportunities to intubate patients (under the careful watch of the CRNA of course) while shadowing (well before SRNAdom and getting into school).

Is this common? Not that I won't get plenty of knowledge, skill and experience here REAL soon, but should I feel robbed in my shadowing experience? Part of me thinks, "no fair ~ that would have been awesome," the other part is not sure what to think of some random 'observer' being allowed to just 'go for it.' I was told this experience was on the "easy, stable patient."

Any thoughts?!?