Ok let me give some quick background for my reasoning behind this. In the unit I work in we use space labs for our vital sign monitoring. As far as pulse ox sensors we have the stickers that are placed on the finger. Sometimes, when the patient has cold extremities or is vasoconstricted the sensor is placed across the forehead. I've found that often times that if I'm getting a good wave form with the finger and the O2 sat might be 93%, on the forehead it's higher, usually 100%. I was told by the spacelab rep that it's not 100% accurate when placed on the forehead that there is a sensor specifically designed for the forehead that is more accurate than placing the finger sensor on the forehead.

I was criticized at shift change by one of our older nurses, who is stuck in her ways, for removing the sensor off the patient's forehead and placing it on the finger which showed 90% so I placed her on a harmless 2L O2 which picked her O2 sat up to 94%. When I tried to explain to her how the sensor worked and why it's more accurate on the finger she just ignored me and shook her head. I've had run ins with this nurse before, she doesn't like to be corrected, even in the most polite way possible. Any feedback on this issue would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!