Hello all -

I am in the midst of applying to schools - With1.5 years high acuity SICU experience.

I also have 4 years EMS experience.

When it comes to interviewing - Most of my behavioral questions are answered with my RN experience... Yet, is it appropriate to work pre-hospital into answers as well?

I realize this is a nursing profession -> and I will be attending graduate nursing school... But for example -I have run 5 codes with our entire code team (you know how it is... 10 people workign the patient up) on our unit...

but I have run countless pediatric, adult, and trauma codes with just my partner in highly stressful unpredictable environments... Does this experience have a place in a CRNA interview? or should it be strictly nursing.

I will have 2.5 years ICU RN experience going into school (God granting acceptance)... I am juat trying to show that yes, Candidate X might have 4 years experience - but here is what I was doing before...

any ideas?