This about the TWU program...

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It would be pure speculation for me to answer this question, although I do have some idea. The one class that gets the most people is A&P. I think some people get in over their heads, some want to be spoon fed, some have personal issues that they neglected to resolve before school started, and some see the time commitment and aren't willing to go all-in.

Now, your class will have a new A&P professor but I will say that those of us that were successful in the first year spent ~80% of our study time on A&P. Dr. Reinke was legendary and he was even mentioned by the Valley Review guys when I went to my Valley Course (something to the effect of "you won't be seeing any Dr Reinke-type questions on the boards, so set your minds at ease").

That being said, anesthesia is all about physiology, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. A&P is your bread and butter and I can't imagine the program will shift its emphasis much if any. Whatever your study methods become, you will be headed in the right direction if you are dedicating 3/4 of your study time on A&P.

wondering what the emphasis is at FHCHS???
Or if this would be a good generic acorss the board statement..
Those subjects seem very important for sure...but maybe others have different emphasis...

anyone know???