hello. first let me just say that this site is helping me to maintain my sanity...it is wonderful the wealth of knowledge here, plus i enjoy much of the sick and twisted sense of humor floating about.

so basically, school starts in a week....i'm in my new place, don't know anyone, the family has pretty much returned home, and i'm going stir crazy just thinking about what's to come. i'm trying to convince my mind to relax and enjoy these days of not having a darned thing to do....

so i'm freaking out about the sheer volume of material that i'm going to be faced with in program. i got good grades in nursing school, but not with a lot of effort....and i'm nervous about my lack of study skills. clearly the whole cram cram cram thing does not work for crna school. any tips on getting organized, studying, etc from people that have already done this thing or that are doing it now?