Hey everyone, I'm new to the forums. Love what I've seen so far. Really glad I found this site, it is a great resource and very entertaining.
I sent the last of my applications off 2 weeks ago. I've applied to U of Iowa, Mayo, Baylor, Mount Marty, and U of Wisc. at La Crosse. I would appreciate any feedback from people who have applied, attended, or just have info on any of them. I'm a little nervous about whether or not I will get an interview to the programs due to the fact that I am currently enrolled in my BSN program.
I have a 3.52 science and 3.62 overall GPA. 4.0 gpa through all of my nursing classes. I scored 1190/4.5 on my GRE. I recently got my CCRN. I have been PALS, ACLS, ENPC, and TNCC certified for years. I have almost 8 years experience all in areas of critical care ranging from ER and neuro interventional radiology to the most recent of ICU. I've been in ICU for 8 months now and I am already a member of the Heart team and have been oriented to balloon pumps and CRRT.
Anyways, any information about these programs or just tips for interviewing in general is welcome and would be much appreciated.
Thanks. :2in1: