I am about to become an RN and will shortly be going for my BSN, I have searched for answers to these questions with no results.

First. I received my LPN, did the one year bridge but I did it at a 2 year technical college. Am I able to send that GPA in or will I only be able to send accredited university GPA's in?

Secondly, I took my core classes at a 2 year university. I have a good 3.5 gpa there, made A's in all classes but science classes. I made a 74 and a 73 in anatomy I and II. I understand that you need to have good science grades. Here is my problem, the school was investigated because so many people were failing the science classes. (My anatomy I class had 50 people, 6 passed; anatomy II had 40, 8 passed) So, once they were investigated they had to change everything to the standard. Is there anything I can do to let the CRNA school I apply for know of the situation because I think its unfair for me to have the burden of a schools mistake when I would have done well else where. Any suggestions?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for those who reply.