I've been offered a position in the ICU at a Level III trauma center. I am wondering how much this designation matters in terms of getting experience for and applying to CRNA school. It is, I think, more comprehensive than a typical Level III ICU in that it has 30 beds, and we are in a large metropolitan area that includes 3 level I trauma centers and lots of hospitals. I don't know how much this designation matters compared to how sick your patients are, or, more importantly, how significant of a correlation there is between the two things. Also, I don't know how much you can demonstrate in the CRNA application process the particulars of your patient care, or if the hospital's designation (or something else besides your rec. letters) speaks for itself.

All things being equal I would go to a Level I center where I think I could get a job in a few months, but they work 3-3s, whereas this level iii place works 7-7. This has become fairly important to me because I like having the ability to see my family most days, rather than going 3-4 days at a time w/o really seeing them.

**I guess I wonder how much more experience in this level iii icu would I be signing up for prior to CRNA school, in exchange for the benefits of working there over a level i hospital. not that i'm looking to run in and run out but i don't know what the future can hold and i'd like to know what i'd be getting into in terms of crna preparation.***