So Ive really been a :Lurking: stalker on here for the past couple of days just reading up on all of the great questions and greater advice being talked about, so now its my turn.

I am an undergraduate biology major with aspirations of becoming a CRNA so I feel like i've hit the jackpot. Since its still so 'early in the game' per se I would like to take on the opportunity of shadowing a CRNA. Of course I've read numerous job descriptions but I ultimately feel like the only way to get a good understanding is to be in the atmosphere.

With that being said my question is this are any CRNA's on this board gassing in or around Atlanta, GA??? If not do the CRNA's present know any CRNA's in or around Atlanta, GA that would be humbled by allowing me to shadow them and hopefully, ultimately becoming a mentee of theirs??