Okay guys, I got a situation that I need a little outsider opinion on. I am currently an undergrad working on my RN to BSN and I'm trying to get myself lined up for a crna program after my bsn. I am taking college algebra this semester and its not going well at all. My final is next week and I will (if my calculations are close) do really well if I get a C in the class. Now, my classmates have stated that this particular teacher is not very good and her tests do not match the lecture or the homework. My question is this. Is there any theory under which a guy like myself, getting a C in College Algebra (prerequisite for chemistry), would have any hope to get into a program anywhere? My stats other wise have been pretty good. I have been an RN for 10 years. Most of that time has been in the emergency department in a level II trauma center. I am currently working in a level I trauma center in the surgical icu. My overall college gpa is about 3.5 with around 96 credits. I need some advice. I'm freaking out and I just would like someone out there to honestly let me know if I still have a chance to get into school now that I've made a "c" on my transcript. thanks for your advice in advance.