I have a question that I know has been addressed before, but I thought that I might get a new/fresh perspective. I am wanting to take some grad level courses to help bolster my admission packet. There seems to be two schools of thought on this issue. One is to take the advanced pathophys/pharm route, and prove that you can handle the load. The other is to take the "softer" courses (i.e. research, stats, etc) so that you can focus on patho/pharm more from an anesthesia perspective. I just want to get a consensus as to which route might be better for a borader range of programs to which I might apply. I want to be taking at least one course starting spring semester of 2010, so that I can have at least one course down when I start putting in apps summer of 2010 to start fall semester of 2011. Just as an FYI, I applied to two programs last summer, and was not accepted. I feel that I have a fairly strong app packet, and that proving that I can handle grad level coursework is what I need to do to put me over the edge. Thank you in advance for any suggestions/reccommendations/help that is given.