I stumbled across this article about UCLA today that basically talks about putting patient that have coded on-pump.


As an RN in an ICU at a large teaching hospital I never really saw this approach and as far as I know bypass is not part of any ACLS algorithms. If a fresh heart coded and we opened then at the bedside, they would often return to the OR and go on pump. However, when I responded to codes on the floor, we never even considered this option. Many of the MD/RNs that I have spoken to about changes in V-fib arrest, for example, talk a lot about hypothermic protocols, but I haven't heard much about bypass.

Anesthesia providers are traditionally leaders in the area of resuscitation. I'm curious as to what you guys think: is the future? In the article, the doc talks about putting a guy on pump who was aystolic, so we are talking about putting people on pump who many of us would consider dead for sure. This doc in the article, in addition to claiming a high success rate, claims that these people are coming out neurologically intact as well.