I am doing some research for my husband who is considering CRNA school. He has been enlisted ANG for 12 years and is now wanting to get his commission for active duty air force. My husband's nursing experience is in the ICU and he told the recruiter he wants to be an ICU nurse and then wants to pursue CRNA. She said he had to do time on station for 2-3 years before he was able to go to school. I was thinking why not go ahead and start applying to schools. He could get accepted and be finished with the program before he would be eligible being active duty. My question is.....If he got accepted into a program, would the military, or even the VA for that matter, pick him up then and pay for his school and offer a stipend with obligatory years of service? We were considering Air Force only because it is "family friendly", but I just read that the army program accepts civilians. I appreciate any and all of your input.