Okay, any help would be appreciated! I am interested in SIUE, but never hear much about any SRNAS or interviews from there. My stats are ...prior BA with a 3.3 in 01 /ADN GPA at 3.4 in 03 /BSN GPA 3.8 09 /GRE 1100. Taking Advanced Patho and Advanced Pharm in the fall. Two years in CCU with 20 beds, at southside Chicago Hospital. Six years total nursing, all in ED umtil I decided to go for CRNA. Taking CCRN in September.
Does anyone know anything about SIUE interviews in September and if my stats are comparable to othrs that have gotten in? I am interested in this school but have searced this site and really have not heard much discussion about it other than not needing the GRE. Has anyone interviewed there or currently a SRNA? Any tid bits of information would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks soooo much -ICULUV