HI, everyone, I am an RN with approx 18 yrs clinical experience, ( CCU, ICU, ER, CARDS office, cath lab and currently Home health, yea I know dont say it) Anyway, I live in gulf shores, Al, my husband is in medical sales and makes a good living, but not stellar at this point.
I am 41 yrs old with 3 small kids ( 3, 9 yr old twins), I have been thinking about doing this for a while, and just very recently got serious, I think. From reading on this forum, It scares the hell out of me, I know this is a large endeavor but worth it from all accounts here. My situation is challenging as Im sure some , if not all of yours were also. I need some help to see if I can even pull this off at this point. Sorry for the length of this post, but if anyone has a similiar situation that they have gone through, please let me know.

First, do all programs require you to have CCRN? I have looked at admit requirements for some and they do not all state this.
How many schools do you apply to, do you just apply to several and wait to hear, or pick one or two that you are interested in and wait for those?
My main worry is like alot of people, money!!!!!
My husband and I are equal earners at this point, with me not working and him having to probably find a new job where ever I get accepted, we will need financial back up, Ive read about federal loans, Grad Plus loans, etc. but It seems like those are a little here and there, I know its not a perfect world , but would like to get the money up front so I dont have to worry about making the bills while Im in school, I know some of you have done this with spouses that didnt even work, so you had to get larger funds from somewhere, thats what I need to know, along with the time frame and when I should be worried about it. Do I just wait until Im accepted before worrying about money?? Is there any way to find out about anesthesia groups or hospitals willing to fund school in turn for employment post grad? How do you find out about those?

Next, ( sorry) reading some of your posts, it really sounds like you have to just totally zone out while you are in school. How does it work, I thought that you are in class M-F 8 to 5 range and then of course studying at night, but is it to the point that you cannot even live at home and lead a normal life ( sort of)? When do clinicals start and why do some of you talk about out of town clinicals? Since I live in PoDunk Alabama, I am looking at Bham, we would have to pick up the family and move where ever I get in, so we would probably have no family help there. My husband travels for his job a decent amount, so would I be gone also?
Im really sorry for all the questions, but I am really at a crossroads now, My husband is supportive of this endeavor, but is it just unrealistic? I appreciate any help, I dont know any CRNA's so I need the real scoop.