Hi everyone,

I'm going to be starting college this fall at a major university. I have been pre-accepted into the BSN program to begin my sophomore year, after I have completed my freshman prerequisites.

I am very interested in becoming a CRNA after a couple years in the ICU. In fact, it's a main reason in why I decided not to be premed.

The nursing program at my university is highly structured, and doesn't allow for many elective classes. Despite this, I would still like to pursue a french minor if possible. This would mean I would have to take some french classes on top of a full nursing course load my sophomore, junior, and senior years. However, I still want to keep a very competitive GPA for admission into anesthesia schools.

My question is, is it too much of a risk to pursue the french minor if it has the chance of weighing down my GPA by detracting from my available study time for science/nursing courses? I believe I would need to complete 32 credits to complete the minor, and that's already after testing out of the first 10 credits. I would especially like a high GPA if it would help me spend less time in the ICU and get to anesthesia school sooner (but of course it is still very significant experience). Thanks for any thoughts .