My D-Day is 9/9/09 so I am getting ready and setting the following things in place:

1. Bought a laptop, nothing great but pretty decent and fast
2. Reading 7 habits of highly effective people (corny, yes - but recommended reading from my school prior to starting)
3. Booked a Vegas Vacation with my wife and a big group of people
4. Will have off for 2.5-3 weeks prior to starting
5. Loan applications in place, waiting for money now - although I have worked mostly agency and contract work for 3 years and have banked a good deal of money
6. Weaning down the OT and spending more time with family and friends
7. Maintaining good health and working out and making sure my car up to date on everything

8. Cut down my fantasy football from 3 to 1 league (cost and time consuming).

Things I need opinions on (all comments greatly appreciated):

1. Should I buy a laser printer? Seems like a cost effective thing to do for ink. I was looking at a decent duplex printer, so that would also save on paper costs...I would recoup any costs compaed to my inkjet within the first month or 2. Is a laser printer necessary?

2. PDA? This is something I am going to wait to decide upon...are they absolutely a benefit to have? Or can I get by on notes and books?

3. Review ANS? Seems like most people say don't touch any material because you will get everything you need in school...but it seems not hard to at least browse over ANS A&P or pulmonary A&P.

I would greatly appreciate anything anyone has to contribute to my last 3 months of freedom. Am i missing anything or would you do anything differently?