The schools I have applied to are Samford and Duke. I live in Atlanta and have owned a house there for 8 years. The economy sucks, I think it may be hard to sell, butluckily I didn't buy a high priced home... city says it's worth 30k more than I owe (was valued at 170k but that's dropped down to 150 since the economy tanked), but that's not with everything reported. If I report the sun porch and the extra bathroom, maybe 40K+ more than I owe.

Anyway, the wife wants to go with me wherever I go (she can telecommute @ her job), I and all I hear family says is "rent it out-we'll help u with it" but I don't want to deal with tons of headaches when I'm dealing with headache inducing amounts of studying.

What are my options? Take out loans and keep it? Rent it out anyway? Suck it up and sell it?

What have you guys tried/done?