Hi guys!
I have always wanted to be a crna ever since I joined a pre-healthcare program in high school and got to shadow a CRNA. Back then I didnít know that you needed a BSN, so I took the traditional pre-health route of going to a university for biochemistry/biology. I think I would really enjoy and be a good crna, or other speciality nurses (although theyíre so different!) so Iím just going to transfer for my bsn Junior year.

However, I have a gap of one trimester (aka quarter system) waiting for bsn acceptances. Iím still at my university (University of California San Diego) so I was wondering if I should take courses that although arenít prerequisites for crna but will help me in future applications. These are upper division science classes. Iíve done all my crna prereqs like ochem/stats/biochem/physics I and did well/

I was hoping you guys can clue me in on which courses below will be more applicable to crna/look better for crna programs. I heard that programs like extra science classes, especially if itís upper division meant for biology/chem./biochem majors going into medicine and research. (which are the ones below)

So my choices are:

-Biochemical Techniques
-Organic chemistry II (2nd quarter)ówould be taking this pass/no pass (cr/no credit) b/c professor tests are very erratic and unpredictable and grades donít seem to make sense.
-Molecular Biology
--Mammalian Physiology I (different course meant for pre-meds, will Nurse Anethesia programs think this is like physiology for nursing and look on it as a repeat even though I already took anatomy and physiology but for nursing)
-Physics II
-Neurobiology of Cognition
-analytical chemistry
--applied immunology

which courses would be better for crna/more applicable and how so?

Iím thinking biochem. Techniques will be helpful for crna and it sounds exciting but the class is 11 hours of class time per week for ten weeks and only the same amount of credits as all the other classes (4 quarter)! With this time I could take two other courses. Is it worth it?

These grades donít matter for nursing school since itís after the application date, but they will for crna school later on. So should I do more classes, get Aís and Bís, or do less and get Aís? My school is pretty tough b/c itís a science school focused on research.

Do I really need O-Chem II to be competitive? Iíd like to take O-chem II eventually, possibly at the school I transfer into nursing for. I love o-chem but the professor is pretty unpredictable and I donít want to risk my gpa.
Also, does taking graduate level classes really help you?