I first want to say that this is a great forum. I have been lurking here for quite some time. I have a question that I would love to have some opinions on. I have not found this to have been previously asked so if it has, I apologize.
My wife and I are bothing wanting to go into this field. My question is, do you think that a CRNA school would grant a husband and wife into the program at the same time? I know that there are tons of factors in getting in anyway, but just say that we were both the top two that applied. Do you think that they would allow a husband and wife in at the same time? I realize that there is no definite answer here, just looking for opinions. I know that they are fair in choosing, but they must have a "golden ticket" type of feeling when choosing. I was just curious if anyone knew of a couple that ever got accepted together or what your opinion is about it.