Hi, all

I'm fairly new to the site and have soaked up a lot of sound information and I am actively looking for a CRNA to shadow. But, I recently came across an article on MSN regarding interviewing professionals about their careers and I thought it would be a good idea to ask some of these questions here until I find more CRNA's near me. If you can, please answer the following -

"How would you compare the reality of your profession to the picture you had of it while in school?"

"What most surprised you about your chosen profession?

"What are the best parts of your career?"

"What are the least enjoyable aspects of your profession?"

"How many hours do you work each week at your career?"

"What changes do you foresee for your profession?

"Do you find your daily job fulfilling?"

Thanks in advance,


P.S. If you live in Northern NJ and wouldn't mind having a shadow at your facility, please PM me.