I have been a nurse for 7 years, but have not worked at a hospital every since I got out of nursing school. I have always thought about going into nurse anesthesia, but never had the opportunity...until now.

I am nervous about re-entering the hospital world and taking on being a CRNA. How hard is it to get back into the groove of the hospital?? I know I need to complete at least 1 year of critical care.

Do you ever worry about errors? The fact that I would be administering spinal anesthesia kind of freaks so out! I hope you get better teaching than I did in nursing school. My nursing instructors always said, "You only learn enough not to kill anyone."

I would just kind of like some feedback into whether I would be getting in over my head considering I have not worked in the hospital very much in my young career. And also, what do you enjoy most about being a CRNA??

Thanks for any input!!