I just finished my first year and I'm currently pre-nursing. I've switched from pre-pharm at the end of my 2nd semester and most of the classes were for pre-pharm which were harder.

I've had a rough start after putting a lot of time and effort, it just wasn't enough and I'm still trying to develop a study habit that works for me..

I screwed up, my GPA is currently ~2.56 after my first year and I'm really just disappointed because I know I can do better, I planned to apply for nursing next fall semester but not sure how it will work out with my low gpa.

These are my science classes, the rest I got B's and A's.

Chem I: B-
Chem II: C+

I just need some advices and guidance of what I need to do.. I'm taking Anatomy and Nutriton this summer and I will work to get A's in them.