I just finished my second semester as an SRNA. At my program we have "observational" clinicals in the second semester and starting 1st summer semester on we have progressively more clinicals and less class time. I ran into a girl I went to high school with this weekend. She just graduated medical school and is starting her residency in anesthesiology in June. So she tell me that year 1 of 4 will be doing internal medicine or something, but the bottom line is it was unrelated to anesthesia. I tell her that I'm in anesthesia school right now. She says "Oh really, well you will be able to do SOME of the things I will be doing." (she wasn't being snide, but completely serious and oblivious) I'm thinking in my head *guess again, I'll be doing everything you will be doing* By the way she and I will be doing clinicals at the same med center. So I tell her that when she is just starting in the OR I will only have 1 year left. She says in a joking way, "yeah, then I wil be ordering you around". I'm thinking *yeah, right*.
I just thought it was funny how clueless she and probably other residents are about the CRNA scope of practice. Oh well I guess she is in for a rude awakening.