Not sure if this is the correct thread for this but here goes...

I am currently a level 1 trauma center MCICU RN that has recently made the decision to apply to CRNA school this fall for the 2010 school year. This July will mark my 1 year as an ICU RN, giving me 14-16 months of experience come interview season and 2 years come the 1st day of school.
My academic background:
BSN w/ a 3.5 GPA, in my nursing courses I mainly got straight A's, I had one B+ in med/surg nursing, if I can recall correctly the rest were all A's. I have a minor in biology (upper level intro bio courses {B- and B+}, 300 level genetics and biochem {both 4.0}, and 8 semester credits of undergrad lab research in amphibian epidemiology and population genetics {pass}, calculus for life scientists {a miserable C+}, did earn a B+ in stats though). I have already completed 300-level orgo I (B+) and orgo II (4.0, set the curve), and am finishing up algebra based physics this summer (A- in I, completeing II right now).

Does it look like I may have a shot at getting into CRNA school from this? Does only 14-16 months of experience seem like a drawback to interview panels?