Just so everyone knows I have not started nursing school yet, but plan to as soon as I am finished with MA school. I am pretty sure when i finish MA school that i have a position with a cardiologist in surgery so i know that ill make some great contacts at the hospital with MDA, CRNA DO/MD's etc etc. Hopefully this will also make my decision easier. I have some questions about the profession and have been doing a lot of research but felt a thread was needed to get clarification on some things.

I am currently torn between becoming a PA and CRNA. I really like cardio (for PA) but i know that the anesthesiologist that was taking care of me during a surgery i had was my favorite doctor ever. Also when my wife had our daughter the MDA was great there too, so I have some really great impressions as far as anesthesia goes.

So i know the steps to become CRNA and i realise that there are differences in CRNA and MDA etc. I guess my questions really are what if you had a choice to do would you choose? PA or CRNA?

What advice could you guys give someone who is going to start nursing school?

Is Samuel Merritt a good nursing school? I see it ranks high but havent read much about it here. What about their CRNA program?

I dont want to be a doctor i do know that much so far. My plan is to go to nursing school work at least 3 years and see if i can still go as far as i want to. I like have a higher goal over my head to have something to look forward to. I really appreciate all the answers and thank you for your time reading.