Correct me if i am wrong...
This is my first year of college and i am doing all my general courses. I'm finishing up pretty quick about 16+ units per semester and maintaining a 3.0+ gpa. I recently have stumbled upon this site and have done some research and I just wanted to know if what I have understood is the proper way to becoming a CRNA.
So after completing my general courses i should apply to become an RN. Take my RN courses and then take the state test to get my RN certification. Once getting my RN certification work one year in the ICU for experience. And at the same time work on getting my bachelors in biology or biochem? Or could I do it a different way? For example, Finish my General Courses in college and take some pre-med courses such as chemistry,biology,anatomy and apply for crna school to take my bsn?

Sorry... If i make no sense... at the same time i feel completely lost lol... If someone could be kind enough to guide me in the right direction i would appreciate it.