OK, so all this time since I got accepted I was freaking out about how I would pay my bills (including a huge California mortgage) during school. I feel a bit sheepish that I didn't understand how financial aid works. My initial award letter came in around 20K shy of what I need for the first two semesters, but after a meeting with my AWESOME FA officer at the school today, I can finally celebrate getting in! Apparently, the school has the right to increase your cost of attendance if you can prove that your room/board/car/health and so forth are what they are and cannot change. She reassured me that we should be able to fund through the gradPlus loan what I need, and then maybe only in the last year require a small private loan. They need to protect their butts because they get audited and need to show that they didn't fund you simply to have a lavish lifestyle or go on shopping sprees, but in the end they want you to get the $$$ so you can go. Anyway its not over yet but at least now I feel like I can focus on being a pre-SRNA (whatever that means!!!! should I be relaxing, panicking, or what??)