10 Years ago I enrolled in college. I did horrible. Did not go to class flunked out semester after semester. Joined the milatary, did very well. Earned paramedic certification. Got out of the military last year and want to start all over in hopes of being an RN. Ultimate goal is CRNA. I did extremely poor 10 years ago. Just wanted to know if I was a piss poor accounting student back in 1999 and became a wonderful top tier nursing student would that hinder my chances at being accepted to CRNA school. I just embarked on another chance at an education fully funded by Unclel Sam for my service in Iraq. ( Post 9/11 GI Bill). It covers tuition, books, housing and tutoring for a full four years. I would be crushed if I earned a 3.8 the second time around and obtained all the credentials to apply to a program only to find out that 10 years ago I did not apply myself. I dont want to waste any programs time by applying and more importantly my time and money only to be told that I won't be able to get in. Can anyone give me advice.