Hello, I am new to this forum so I hope I am posting this in the correct place. I am currently in an RN program with a 4.0 GPA. My goal when I graduate is to immediately complete an RN-to-BSN bridge, work in ICU for a year at the same time , and then apply to CRNA programs. I have a couple of questions for anyone who has the time to answer. The BSN programs I am looking into do not require chemistry. I took chemistry 17 years ago and received an "F" because I did not withdrawal from the course within the required time frame. All of my other science grades and nursing grades are A's. Should I re-take chemistry even though the BSN programs do not require them?

Also, I am confused about why people are in Texas programs and doing a clinical out in say, California! Is this the norm? Do you actually have to move to that state or is the clinical only a short period of time? I am trying to think of all schools I should apply to. I live in North Texas (Denton county).