The program director for Gonzaga's CRNA program emailed me and told me without details that they have had some "issues" with online RN to BSN programs that have received nursing accred. This is an interesting to me, because I am (admittedly early on in my CRNA track) currently enrolled in an online RN-BSN program. My program is accredited by the CCNE, and I think I can move forward without concern, but I'm not so deep into it that I can't pull out and adjust fire.

I'm looking for anyone who has personal experience with online RN-BSN programs, and may have some insight to any "issues" that may arise when applying for CRNA schools.

PS: To thwart those that might just flat tell me to drop and go to a brick and mortar school, I'll just say I'm already considering it. But for now, because of financial difficulties, the online program is the best thing for my family and I.