Hello all,

I am new to this site, and enjoy reading all the information that everyone has to offer. It is a great resource for someone like me who is interested in pursuing anesthesia.
So my question is this, I inquired to the program a few months back and did not hear anything. While inquiring I sent my resume, degree audit, and goal statement. Today one of the reps from Kaiser called and simply asked when I would be finishing my BSN. I informed her May 5th, her reply was simply that the Cal State application becomes available on Nov. 1st, and to send all of my transcripts immediately to Kaiser upon completion and fill out the Cal State app as soon as possible on Nov. 1st. I was also informed that I was able to skip the required counseling session, per the director. Is this normal, and what should I expect in the future? I would like to hear some of your thoughts on this, and thank you for your time.
Also a little background:
RN in MICU/SICU 3 years, have worked in small and large community hospitals, as well as at a level 1 trauma center in Pittsburgh.
I have a 3.678 GPA, with BSN to be completed in May
GRE 1080
Thanks again to everyone,