I am starting at TWU in the Fall and am having a hard time getting focused on anything. I am excited and nervous and have experienced the phases of "admission terror". I am quite busy with a 200 level organic chemistry class, working around 50 hours a week, reserve military duty, and actually just completely stressed out. I almost have my financial aid secured which is a big relief but still have many projects to do around the house and trying to help get things arranged for my daughter who starts college in the Fall.

I keep thinking if I am this stressed out now what about when school actually starts. I keep telling my self to get a grip but marijuana,:canabis: prozac, and Sam Adams:beerglass: seem like a more reasonable option. On top of that I will still have 2 more teenage daughters at home once my oldest leaves for school (no drama there). I know some say just relax before school, blah, blah, blah, but it hasn't been easy for me to do that. None of this may matter because if I don't get it together my wife vows to murder me in my sleep.:smashfreakB:

What are the rest of you doing to deal with anxiety, stress, etc? I am thinking about resigning from my position in about a month because I have extended military training in May (1 week) and June (3 weeks) to spend time with the family and get s$^& done! I know this has been discussed before just looking for a little love and support.:smlove2: